CocoGreen is a registered trademark in Europe for products derived from coconut trees. It is part of Oscar GmbH, and at this time, CocoGreen has SNAP., HOOKAH, and TAKE! as its products.

SNAP. is special briquette charcoal for the BBQ, and HOOKAH is made for Shisha. Both are made from 100% coconut shell charcoal, which was designed and developed in Germany, and are made according to the needs and demands of BBQ and Shisha market.

Clean, Save, Healthy and Eco-Friendly are the characteristics that reflect the image of CocoGreen to guarantee the satisfaction of the consumers.

CocoGreen  concerns with the environment in Indonesia, namely by giving some of the profits from each sale of the products. Other than that, CocoGreen has several projects to contribute in making the world a better place, and those are: Forest Protection, Trees Planting, and Recycled Notebooks Distribution to the Students.

In Germany, together with 'Die Zoologische Gesellschaft Frankfurt', CocoGreen contributes in an orangutan conservation project, i.e.: 'The Bukit Tigapuluh Landscape Conservation Programme'. Find more information about this project here.

Products by CocoGreen

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